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Chandler Chiropractor : Dr. Michael Diehm

Gasping for air is no way to live out a childhood ~ Dr. Diehm, an asthma veteran.

The Chiropractor To See In Chandler

Dr. Michael Diehm

“That first adjustment at 6 months of age literally gave me back my life. Now, as a chiropractor myself, I have the privilege doing the same for others every day.”

Chandler Chiropractor Tough Beginning

After my initial encounter with a chiropractic adjustment at 6 months of age which alleviated a severe asthma attack, I remained under care during my childhood in order to KEEP well. While sitting in the reception room of my chiropractor, I began to listen to myriads of stories of other patients who had gotten well from all types of ailments in this very same office when their “conventional doctors” had given up on them. Just within my own family headaches, heart problems, sinusitis, menstrual irregularities and severe, life-threatening injuries from an automobile accident were problems that had been helped. It was then that I decided that I wanted to help people in the same way this doctor had done.

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We love families!

The reason we love to care for families is that we experience so many rewarding moments seeing them “evolve” many times from a state of constant, recurring illness and drug use to a state of health and wellness they have never before experienced. Kids with ear infections, on antibiotics for virtually their entire lives, can finally get through a school year without sick days, and sleep through the night without pain. Children with asthma can begin to forget what the inside of the hospital emergency room looks like, and their grateful parents are ecstatic to spend the weekly bonus on perhaps a new toy or night out instead of another round of expensive, side-effect producing drugs. Parents themselves begin to appear less stressed and happier around their children as they find renewed vitality, energy and freedom from illness. A grandfather whose kidneys had shut down prior to care in our clinic now finds more time for his family as the dialysis center, in a state of wonder, told him that his 3 weekly, 5-hour blood-cleaning sessions were no longer necessary because his own kidneys were doing the job again. This is the stuff that keeps us going.

Life at Home

My lovely wife, Susan and I met through a chiropractic “consultation” set up by a mutual friend. Together we have 2 children, Raquel and Adam, both born and home, and who have never experienced a vaccination or an antibiotic. Raquel enjoys singing and dancing, while Adam busies himself with karate, Boy Scouts and the tenor saxophone in his school jazz band. Personally, I enjoy time with the family, and also “sharpen up” by hiking, cycling, reading, motorcycle riding and guitar.

My wife comes from a very medically-oriented family where there was a drug, if not 5 for every condition, so a chiropractic lifestyle was a radical departure from the norm. But over the years we’ve birthed 2 babies at home, our family has grown up drug-free, we all get our spines checked once a week, and have adopted a regimen that includes a largely fresh, whole-food diet, daily exercise (cycling, running, walking, hiking, and weight training ) and a daily “spiritual check up.” We’re not nearly perfect, but these practices do help us experience wellness with a more consistent regularity, and make the “symptom times,” in fact, quite rare.

Thanks for visiting our site. I look forward to meeting you in person and learning how we can be of service to you.