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What Our Patients Say

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Diehm Chiropractic & Wellness patient testimonials below and please email or contact the office if you have any questions.

Warmest Regards,
Dr. Michael S. Diehm


“Katie’s first asthma attack left her in the hospital for two days in February of 2006. Through 2006 Katie had numerous problems with her breathing and had three rounds of pneumonia. That was enough for a 2-year old and me to handle. I was willing to try anything, and Dr. Mike began to care for Kati.

“Quickly, she needed less baseline medication and has not had a single re-occurrence of the pneumonia. I am thankful to Dr. Mike and the care and health he has given to Kati.

My advice to anyone considering chiropractic care is to just try it. The results will speak for themselves. If I had been less reluctant (or stubborn), Kati might not have had some of the problems in2006.”~Darcy T.

Constant Pain

“When I started my chiropractic care I had lower back pain and could hardly walk. My shoulders, arms and neck were sore and pained all the time. In less than 3 months my back was 100% better. I can walk without pain and my shoulders, arms and neck rarely hurt. Chiropractic care has given me my mobility and a normal daily life again.”

“I highly recommend chiropractic care because it has been the chiropractic doctors that have helped me since my automobile accident 17 years ago. The medical profession gave up and told me to live with my problems. Dr. Diehm has helped me more than any other.” ~Sharon C.

No Missed Work

“I have been seeing Dr. Diehm for 16 years. I’m a firefighter in Tempe and only missed one day of work, because Dr. Diehm went to New York for Christmas.”

“Seeing Dr. Diehm is a blessing to me. (Make sure you see him before his vacation…)

For anyone considering chiropractic care, just do it!”~Robin K.


“I have been going to a chiropractor since I was 13 years old. I always leave the chiropractor’s office feeling revived. My job requires me to stand all day. After I leave the chiropractor, I would never know that I was standing 40-50 hours a week.”~Sue W.

Greater Flexibility

“Chiropractic care has changed my life in ways I never expected…fewer female problems and much greater flexibility in my back overall.

My advice to anyone considering chiropractic care is just try it! The results will be beyond what you could ever expect or ever anticipate!” ~Darcy T.

Blood Pressure

“Having never experienced chiropractic care, I felt led to come and ‘try’ it due to my mother’s wonderful results (she began a few months prior to me). The one thing that stands out for me is that my hypertension (high blood pressure) is controlled beautifully. I take medication but occasionally it will spike up anyway, but not since coming here over the last 2 years. Dr. Mike is awesome!”

“My advice to anyone considering chiropractic care is JUST DO IT!” ~Patti R.

Back and Neck Pain

“7 or 8 months ago, when I first came to Dr. Diehm’s office, I could hardly get up and down from a sitting position. After a few weeks of care, my back was feeling 100% better and the real problem turned out to be my neck. With continued care, the pain I was feeling went away. My general well being improved tremendously. Many health problems I was having disappeared and I feel great!”

“What’s important is to stick with your care program. One treatment every now and then isn’t going to keep you healthy. A regular routine of care makes a world of difference.”~Jack T.


“I have been so much healthier since I started my adjustments by Dr. Mike. Not only is my back pain gone for the first time in a decade, but my migraine headaches have become less frequent and my asthma and allergies are much less noticeable.”

“I suggest that you don’t wait until you have not other options! Get help as soon as you can so you can live without pain. I’m so glad I did.”~Laurie I.


I was born with a disability which caused me to have joint pain (Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita). I discovered that through chiropractic care I can do more activities. My knee pops out of its socket, and only through being adjusted (chiropractic ) can it feel better. I also have fibromyalgia and chiropractic care relieves my pain.

“What advice would I give to anyone considering chiropractic care? Give it a try! You will only feel better.” ~Michell M.

Sick and Tired

“Before visiting Dr. Mike, I used to be sick constantly and I would run out of energy quickly. When my mom started to bring me to regular chiropractic visits I noticed a big boost of energy. I also became a lot healthier to the point I got sick a lot less that year. Dr. Mike is really a great chiropractor and I truly owe him my wellness.”~Emmanuel P.


“In my third trimester of pregnancy I began to get a painful knot near my shoulder blades. My OB/GYN doctor suggested I see a chiropractor. After Dr. Mike took a look at my alignment, it seemed I had a subluxation in my neck that was causing a lot of problems. I have been seeing Dr. Mike regularly and have seen a great improvement in many areas. My knot went away. I gained mobility in my neck but mostly, my allergies were gone. This is amazing because two years ago I suffered allergy-induced bronchitis and strep throat within months of each other.”

“Chiropractic care should be mandatory! Even if you are not suffering pain, it is important to have your spine aligned to keep you well!! Please see a chiropractor as soon as possible.” ~Katie S.

Staying Well

“I began chiropractic care because of an injury in 1982. Since that time I have continued with chiropractic because I have found that it is the only way to stay health and active. Because we live in a world where we have many opportunities to be sedentary we must find ways to move around on a regular basis. Along with being active, it is very important for me to include chiropractic care into my life. I believe I remain healthy and recover from the illnesses I do get quickly because of my regular chiropractic care.

“My advice to anyone considering chiropractic is GO FOR IT! Get over your fear because you have no idea how much BETTER you will feel and how much HEALTHIER you will be overall.”~Linda C.